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The Japan Innovation Party's philosophy is "self-reliant individuals, self-reliant regions, and a self-reliant nation." At the same time, we wish to achieve a society that respects diversity.
In order to realize these ideals, we are committed to deep-cutting reforms, overthrowing vested interests, and harnessing the power of young people.

In Osaka Prefecture, we have shown our determination to reform government offices by reducing the number of council members by 30% (from 109 to 79) and cutting their remuneration by 30%. With the new financial resources generated through reforms in government offices (drastic cuts in the number of extra-departmental organizations, where retiring public servants often seek lucrative appointments, as well as reviews of wasteful measures and projects), we have successfully invested in the next generation (with free early childhood education, free elementary and junior high school lunches, subsidies for juku tutoring school fees, virtually free tuition for private high schools, and virtually free admission and tuition fees for public universities in Osaka).

We aim to realize free education for all. We promote equality of opportunity, not equality of result, so that not a single child in Japan will be forced to give up on higher education for economic reasons, such as being unable to proceed to university despite wanting to, or being forced to abandon study at a private high school.
In addition, eliminating the burden of education costs on the child-rearing generation stimulates consumption. Growth in personal consumption accelerates economic growth. Economic growth stimulates an increase in taxation revenue and ensures new sources of revenue. The benefits of this growth will be invested in administrative services for the elderly and other vulnerable members of society. We will apply this cycle nationwide to create a society that gives people the opportunity to try and try again.

Democracy is essential to achieve a society that respects diversity. The first step is to revise the Constitution through a referendum. The Constitution, which asserts the sovereignty of the people, has never undergone a referendum. The Constitution of Japan, which was enacted in 1947, must be changed to better reflect our contemporary era. To demonstrate the will of the people, the Japan Innovation Party has identified "free education," "reform of governance structures," "establishment of a Constitutional Court," "making explicit constitutional provisions for the Self-Defense Forces," and "adding a 'state of emergency' clause" as the five cornerstones of constitutional reform.

The Japan Innovation Party promotes reform by saying and doing what it means. That is the Japan Innovation Party. It carries out the deep-cutting reforms that no other political party is willing to do. A party that cannot keep its promises to the people will not be able to overcome the problems of declining birthrate, aging society, and shrinking population. As the burdens ofJapan Innovation Party Representative Nobuyuki Babathe people of Japan grow ever heavier, minor reforms will never allow us to build a safe and secure nation. Join us in taking on the challenge of major reform in Japan to achieve a society in which all citizens can pursue their hopes and dreams!

Japan Innovation Party Representative Nobuyuki Baba 馬場伸幸

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Nobuyuki Baba馬場伸幸